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Sky Garden London Tickets: Everything You Need to Know

Sky Garden London tickets are essential for accessing the city’s best vantage point. This urban oasis, located atop the famous “walkie talkie” building, requires advanced booking to gain entry. But the overall experience is well worth the extra planning. Visiting Sky Garden will likely be one of your favorite experiences during your time in London! I certainly loved it.

The large atrium is filled with diverse plant life, floor to ceiling windows and a view so expansive you can see Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge all in one go!

It’s no surprise this aerial paradise draws crowds. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Garden London tickets:

The view inside Sky Garden, atop the Fenchurch Building in Central London.

Do you need tickets for a Sky Garden London booking?

Yes, tickets are required to enter Sky Garden. However, these tickets are free. You must secure your tickets online several weeks in advance via Sky Garden’s online reservation system.

Already in London and don’t have your tickets? Don’t worry–continue reading down for my suggestion on how to bypass the booking system altogether for last-minute access.

How to Make a Sky Garden Reservation

New reservation slots are released online every Monday morning and bookings can be made up to three weeks in advance. Demand for Sky Garden tickets is extremely high so it might take one or two tries to actually snag the day and/or time you want.

Tower Bridge as seen from Sky Garden London.

Bypassing the Sky Garden London Booking System

Here’s where it gets interesting: If your desired date is all booked up and you have some wiggle room in your budget, I’d suggest making a reservation at Darwin Brasserie or Fenchurch Restaurant instead. Both restaurants are located on Level 36 and offer access to the Sky Garden before or after your meal. Talk about a night out! Stellar food and breathtaking views all in one go.

Additionally, there’s two smaller café-style bars open during daylight hours for snacks, sandwiches, teas, coffee, etc. However, seating here is available on a first come, first served basis. These food options won’t help you bypass the booking system unfortunately.

Fenchurch Building with Sky Garden London at the top.

What to Know the Day of Your Sky Garden Reservation

There’s typically a rather long queue around the side of the building, so arrive early. All visitors must pass through airport-style security before boarding an elevator to the top. You must wait in this line even if you already have a Sky Garden booking.

Sky Garden's viewing gallery, as seen from street level below.

Photography at Sky Garden

Photography is allowed at Sky Garden, so be sure to bring along a camera to capture these memories. I love my little Instax–perfect for storing in a backpack on a busy day of sightseeing.

What to Expect at London’s Sky Garden

Walking into the main atrium of Sky Garden will take your breath away. The elevation, the immense daylight cascading across the interiors and the panoramic perspective make Sky Garden a unique and memorable experience in London. It’s the kind of thing that locals and tourists alike both enjoy, purely because it’s such a special experience.

I would caution that Sky Garden’s greenery isn’t exactly a lush rain forest. There’s a rather limited area actually dedicated to plant life, so if you’re a green thumb looking for diverse plants, you may enjoy a visit to Kew Gardens instead.

The view of Central London and The Shard from Sky Garden at dusk.

Commonly asked questions:

What is the closest Tube station to Sky Garden?

The closest Tube station to Sky Garden is Monument. However, Tower Hill, Tower Gare, Aldgate, Bank and Mansion House stations are all within a 10-minute walk.

Can you bring food to Sky Garden?

Unfortunately, no outside food or beverages are permitted at Sky Garden.

How much does it cost to go to Sky Garden?

Visiting Sky Garden is completely free, but reservations are required.

How long does it take to visit Sky Garden?

You should allow at least an hour to go through security, ride the elevator, walk around the gardens inside and observe the view outside. Allow more time if you plan on having a drink or meal in the atrium.

Sky Garden vs. The Shard: Which is better?

While the lookout point from The Shard is slightly higher, the overall value of Sky Garden is much better. Entry into The Shard Viewing Gallery starts at £28 per person, while Sky Garden is completely free.

Are there bathrooms at Sky Garden?

Yes, toilets are located in the main atrium of Sky Garden.

Can you wear jeans to Sky Garden? What is the dress code?

Yes, jeans and casual outfits are fine for a visit to Sky Garden during the day. If you are dining at a Sky Garden restaurant though, please note that a more formal dress code is required.

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