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Michelle Altenberg

Three to four times a month, I write a newsletter detailing recent life, interesting culture and travel news, and links to things I’m reading and watching. These newsletters generally live on Substack, but it felt most appropriate to share these more personal reflections here on my own website, too.

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A season of changing my mind by Michelle Altenberg

On adjustments and indecision, Venice’s new entry fee, revisiting the Titanic and newly-observed American habits

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On Capitol Hill, the UK ambassador’s residence and cultural news by Michelle Altenberg

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On embassy housing, my D.C. favorites and a new crop of diplomats by Michelle Altenberg

Detailing recent life in Washington while we await our first diplomatic posting abroad

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On transitions and the changes that come with them by Michelle Altenberg

Personal updates, links and recommendations

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Big life update by Michelle Altenberg

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