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Italy Airports Map: The Best Routes + Places to Visit

Italy Airports Map - Venice

This definitive Italy airports map shows all the best airports to fly into for cities like Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Verona and more.

Surrender to those recurring daydreams of sun-soaked villas, freshly-made pasta and afternoons filled with cone after cone of sweet, creamy gelato. Seize the day and get ready to finally book that flight you’ve been eyeing to Bella Italia. But first—consult our carefully curated map of airports in Italy included below.

A pasticceria in Italy

This Map of Italy with Airports is Important for Three Reasons:

1. It Will Save You Time

Proper use of this map will prevent you from mistakenly booking a flight into an inconvenient airport that’s hours from your final destination. Just think of all the precious time you could waste getting to and from the city center from a problematic airport location. Who wants to spend ages on a train, bus or taxi after already spending hours in the air?

A view of Lake Como - Italy map with airports

2. This Italy Airports Map Will Save You Money

Extra-long airport transfers can get expensive! Think of the additional transportation costs you incur traveling from an inconvenient airport to your final destination. Whether you’re traveling by bus, private taxi or train, these fees could significantly increase the overall cost of your vacation.

Tuscan countryside

3. It Will Save You Hassle

Whether you’re jet-lagged or don’t speak the language, the last thing anyone wants to do is extend their travel time unnecessarily. By consulting this Italy map with airports and booking flights directly into the best hub, you’ll start your vacation sooner! Who wouldn’t want that?

Italy Airports Map - Map of Airports in Italy

Interactive Italy Airports Map

Our Italy map of airports includes all options for entering the country by plane. The map is interactive, so please zoom in and navigate around to your desired location.  

What is the best airport in Milan?

The best airport in Milan that’s closest to the historic city center is Milan Linate Airport. It only takes about 20-25 minutes by car to reach central Milan from Linate Airport. Malpensa Airport and Bergamo Airport are both much further out.

Make the most of your time in Milan by pre-booking a walking tour with an experienced guide. This one comes highly rated and includes tickets to see the famous Last Supper painting. Access to view the Last Supper is notoriously difficult to obtain.

Best airport for Milan

What is the best airport in Florence?

The best airport is Florence Airport, Peretola, otherwise known at Amerigo Vespucci Airport (FLR). It’s just a quick 20-minute cab ride to get from FLR to the city center—couldn’t be easier! Download the TaxiMove Firenze app and hailing an English-speaking cab driver who accepts credit card will be a breeze.

Pisa and Bologna airports are also near Florence, but require longer train transfers resulting in additional travel time.

Best airport for Florence

What is the best Venice airport?

The best airport in Venice is Marco Polo Airport. It’s just a quick 15-minute car transfer from the airport to the central tourism district. Alternatively, arrive at your hotel in style with a water taxi transfer that whisks you away from the airport and immediately sweeps you into the beauty of this canal city.

A car transfer from Treviso Airport further out takes anywhere from 35-40 minutes and will likely be more expensive.

Best airport for Venice

What is the best airport for Rome?

Rome has two airports both nearly equidistant from the city center—Leonardo da Vinci Airport on the coast and Ciampino Airport in the southeast. If given a choice, I’d recommend flying into Leonardo da Vinci Aiport because it’s Italy’s largest and busiest hub. This makes catching a cab or train to the historic city center (30 minutes away) an absolute breeze. For transportation from Ciampino, on the other hand, I’d recommend booking a transfer ahead of time.

Best airport for Rome

Visiting Florence? Check out my guide to the city’s best rooftop bars.

If the Tuscan countryside is more your thing, be sure to plan a trip to Castellina in Chianti to explore the best of the Chianti wine region.

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